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Recovering a Checkpoint Learning username/password
FAQs - November 18, 2019
Checkpoint Learning- Username/Password Request
Downloading Checkpoint Learning Courses
FAQs - November 6, 2019
Download CPE Courses - Offline Player- Locate your courses in the Thomson Reuters On Demand Learning (Courses Available) section on the Learning page and Homeroom page.
How do I access a Checkpoint Learning course I have already downloaded?
FAQs - September 21, 2015
Access CPE Courses - Offline Player
What is Checkpoint Learning?
FAQs - August 15, 2017
Checkpoint Learning lets customers register for instructor-led and online training from AuditWatch, PPC, Gear Up, Bell Learning, Quickfinder, RIA, and MicroMash.
Why am I receiving a message that my email address is already registered with Checkpoint Learning?
FAQs - December 1, 2015
Your email has already been used to register a Checkpoint Learning user. Checkpoint Learning requires each user to have a unique email address. Click the Forgot Login? link on the Checkpoint Learning home page (https://checkpointlearning.thomsonreuters.c...
Why does the Checkpoint Learning course preview not display?
FAQs - December 1, 2015
Pop-up blocker
How long do I have to complete my Checkpoint Learning course
FAQs - December 5, 2017
Registering for a Webinar
FAQs - October 30, 2019
Registration Assistance- Webinar- Register for Webinar
How do we get training for Checkpoint Learning for administrators and learners?
FAQs - September 21, 2015
Checkpoint Learning Training - Virtual Training
Unregistering for a Webinar
FAQs - October 30, 2019
Registration Assistance- Webinar- Register for Webinar