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Article Title Type Published Date
How often are CPE course completion records/credits reported to CTEC, CFP, and/or the IRS? FAQs 06/04/2018
Checkpoint Learning Independent Professional User Guide Documentation 02/15/2018
When will I get my certificate? FAQs 12/05/2017
Can I exit in the middle of the course without completing it and come back to it later? FAQs 12/05/2017
What is the passing score for my course? FAQs 12/05/2017
What type of test will I have to take, and how will I be graded? FAQs 12/05/2017
What can I expect to see in my mobiile learning course? FAQs 12/05/2017
Are study questions and practice exercises graded? FAQs 12/05/2017
How many chances do I get to try to pass the exam? FAQs 12/05/2017
How long do I have to complete my mobile learning course? FAQs 12/05/2017

Article Title Type Published Date
Checkpoint Learning Subscription Guides for Learners Documentation 10/14/2014
Checkpoint Learning Firm Administrator User Guide Documentation 11/01/2017
Checkpoint Learning Firm Professional User Guide Documentation 11/01/2017
Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting License Agreement Documentation 09/27/2017
CPEasy Migration to Checkpoint Learning FAQs Documentation 09/07/2016
Checkpoint Learning Employee Module User Guide Documentation 11/18/2015
Checkpoint Learning Pick Your Course Bundles User Guide Documentation 11/17/2015
Checkpoint Learning: Pick Your Course Bundle User Guide For The Professionals Documentation 11/18/2015
Do you have rules related to copyright requests? FAQs 05/17/2016
Checkpoint Learning Subscription Guide for Administrators Documentation 11/18/2015