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Where do I find Access Codes?

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QuestionWhere do I find Access Codes?

The Access Code is used to give you instant access to a newly ordered product, and is different with each CDROM. When the master password security file is updated on a new CDROM the master password will open all products you currently own. If you are unsure of your access codes, access the My Account page.

 How do I use an Access Code? 

When you enter product access codes, there are a few things that you must do in order to have the program "understand."

  1. Select the "title" of the CDROM in the publication list.
  2. Right-click on the title of the CDROM that you just selected.
  3. Click Security from the pop-up menu. This brings dialog box below.
  4. Enter your product access code(s) in the space next to the Add button.
  5. Click Add. The product access code should move to the lower box.
  6. Click OK.

(Note: If the program doesn't accept the product access code, it is usually because the "title" of the CDROM is not highlighted and/or an application is open, or because the product access code is not for the current CDROM. The codes change with each release of the CDROM.)

 Submit A Question 

If you have further questions about your access codes, use the Customer Help Center.

Note: Top open a request for help select the following:

  • Click the Cases tab.
  • Select the Inquiry Type: Technical Assistance
  • Select the Inquiry Description: User ID, PW & Access Codes
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Date Last Published12/7/2016



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