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What is Checkpoint Learning?

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QuestionWhat is Checkpoint Learning?
For the accounting individual, it is a one-stop shop for the obtaining and maintaining continuing education and compliance. With over 700 continuing education programs in a variety of formats; webinars, online self-study, print-based, and live – obtaining CPE and tracking jurisdictional requirements has never been easier. Use Checkpoint Learning as a storage repository for all your CPE related documentation, certificates of completion, licenses and biographies, or resumes.

For the organization; sit back and let Checkpoint Learning track all 50 states and other accounting jurisdictions (easily customizable per individual), set reminders based on compliance that automatically go out to staff. Manage your in-house training in one location and streamline compliance from those in-house programs to your staff’s records. NASBA and State Sponsors will love the ability to store all their related sponsor documentation in one place while managing it seamlessly along with compliance and regulatory requirements. Assign learning paths to staff that make it easy for staff to know which classes to take and by when and automatically remind them when not compliant or incomplete. Provide staff with the classes and resources they need to excel in general or niche areas of the accounting industry.
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Date Last Published8/15/2017



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