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PPC Copyright Reprint Request

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QuestionHow to submit a request to use or reprint any of Thomson Reuters copyrighted materials?
  1. Go to the home page of the Customer Help Center
    (Note: If you are viewing this article on the Customer Help Center skip this step.)
  2. Click the Cases tab above and select the following:
    1. Inquiry Type: Product Guidance
    2. Inquiry Description: Request Copyright / Permissions / Reprint
    3. Product Type: Select a product from the list of products.
  3. In the Subject field: Fill in the Individual Product Name that includes the materials you want to use.
  4. In the Description field: You MUST include the following information:
    (Tip: You may want to copy the 4 items below and paste this into the description field of the case so you don't forget something):
    1. Exact Materials: This should include the title, chapter, paragraph, or exhibit #, etc. Be very specific)
    2. Intended Audience: (if seminar include name, date, location and sponsoring organization) 
    3. Number of Copies Requested 
    4. Date Needed
  5. Complete any other required fields (note the red to the left of the field)
  6. Click Submit. (and if you have other information you want them to know you can attach a document to your form. Click Submit & Add Attachment.)
Please allow up to 10 days to process your request.      
Other Requirements and Limitations:
  • Posting Materials on any website or electronic media is strictly prohibited.
  • Your firm must have an active subscription to the product you are requesting permission to reproduce.

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Date Last Published5/17/2016



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