Knowledgebase - How do I update my customer number on a network once access to a product is lost?

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How do I update my customer number on a network once access to a product is lost?

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QuestionHow do I update my customer number on a network once access to a product is lost?

To enter a customer number after you receive a message stating that you have lost access to an RIA product, you must use the Subscription Manager Utility. To use this utility, follow these steps.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Find and open the C:\Program Files\RIAGroup\Views32 directory. Note: This is the default installation directory. If you installed your RIA product to a directory different from C:\Program Files, the \RIAGroup subdirectory was added to the directory you specified. The Views32 subdirectory will be in the \RIAGroup subdirectory.
  3. Launch Subscription Manager by double-clicking the file named SSMGR4.EXE. Note: Subscription Manager can also be launched by choosing Run from the Windows Start menu, typing your product's installation path followed by \Views32\ and SSMGR4.EXE (e.g., C:\Program Files\RIAGroup\Views32\SSMGR4.EXE), and then clicking OK.
    If there are network and non-network installations of RIA products on the computer being used, the Subscription Manager Utility Screen appears. Choose whether you would like to update a customer number for a Standalone (non-network) installation or for a Network installation. (If this screen does not appear, go to the next step.)
  4. The RIA - Customer Information Screen appears. Enter your customer number in the New Customer Number field. If you have previously entered a customer number, it will appear in the Old Customer Number field. Click OK. Note: Changing a customer number may cause loss of access to products currently available to you. Change your customer number only on the advice of an RIA representative. If you have any questions about your customer number, please call Customer Service at 1-800-431-9025.
  5. Your customer number is now updated, giving you access to the products in your subscription.
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Date Last Published8/24/2012



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