Knowledgebase - How do I run the PPC Reference Library on my network without an available cd-rom drive?

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How do I run the PPC Reference Library on my network without an available cd-rom drive?

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QuestionHow do I run the PPC Reference Library on my network without an available cd-rom drive?

In accordance with our licensing agreement, your PPC Reference Library should be accessed from the PPC CD/DVD in your computer's CD/DVD drive. This is the recommended method for accessing the data, and it is, by far, the easiest and the most user-friendly method. It also takes less maintenance each month for you and your staff.

If necessary, the Reference Library can be copied from the PPC CD/DVD to a network server or hard drive. (Remember, though, you are responsible for ensuring that the number of users of the software shall not exceed the number of authorized users for which you have paid.) This may improve the speed of the program, and will allow you to use the Reference Library without having the CD/DVD in the drive; however, you should consider several other factors before making this change:

  • Available Space on Your System - Each Reference Library CD/DVD (A&A, Tax, and Consulting) contains approximately 700 MB of data. The size will be higher with the DVD format, possibly over 1 GB, and will vary between A&A and Tax. That much space must be available on your network or hard drive for each Reference Library CD/DVD you want to copy onto your system.
  • Minimum System Requirements - Your computer hardware and software must meet the current specifications and configurations required to support PPC software.
  • Manual Download Process - To keep your information current and to keep all built-in features (such as information links) working correctly, a manual download must be repeated each month for each CD/DVD release, which can be time-consuming for you or your staff.

Steps to copy a PPC Reference Library CD/DVD

  1. Create a folder for each disk, or empty the existing folder(s) you already have.
  2. Use Windows Explorer to copy the entire contents of each disk into its respective folder.
  3. After the copy is complete, run Setup.exe from the each folder you copied an updated disk to.

Due to the many variables of individual computer systems, PPC cannot be held responsible for the success of the download process or the performance of PPC products on each customer's system. However, the Technical Support department is available to provide assistance if you decide to attempt the process.

If you have other questions about using your CD/DVD, you can reach our Technical Support Department by calling 1-800-431-9025.

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Date Last Published8/30/2012



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