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How do I download Checkpoint Learning Courses?

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QuestionHow do I download Checkpoint Learning Courses?
  1. Locate your courses in the Thomson Reuters On Demand Learning (Courses Available) section on the Learning page and Homeroom page.
Note: If you purchased a subscription package, your courses appear on the My CPE tab.
  1. Locate the course you want to download and select the Download option beneath the course title.
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  1. When you select the Download option, the Launch button changes to a Download button.
  2. Click the Download button. The Course Profile page appears with details about the course.
  3. Click the Download button in the Course Activity Details section.
Note: If you haven't already installed the correct version of Checkpoint Learning Offline Player, you will be prompted to click the "Click here" link to download and install the Offline Player.
  1. Click the Download button to install the course. The Checkpoint Learning Login page appears.
  2. Enter your Checkpoint Learning user name and click the Login button.
  3. After the course is installed, click the Launch Player button.
  4. On the next page, enter your Checkpoint Learning user name and click the Login button. The Available Courses page appears.
  5. Click the Launch icon.
  6. When the course opens, click the arrow on the left to expand the Outline menu.
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  1. Use the left and right arrows in the bottom right corner to navigate through the course or you can select a topic directly from the Outline menu.
  2. Click the Exit link at the bottom of the page when you are ready to close the course. 
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Date Last Published9/21/2015



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